Hey there Mobians and Mobianettes! As implied by the title, today is my birthday! My 13th birthday to be exact. And as stated by my father, today I join the “teenager” crowd, or as my mom calls them “teenyboppers” (I literally had to ask her how to spell).

Today I would just like to name the several YouTubers I will be working amongst once I get my laptop, which will be tomorrow (looking forward to it ;}). I’ll even link their channels:

So yeah, just to name a few. I’m also excited to be working with my best friend, Julissa (a.k.a Julie-Su the Echidna as she will be changing her YouTube user to that name) in many exciting and hilarious playthroughs and videos to come.

On that note, Happy Birthday to me and a little link to my dad’s page if you want to read about famous people who I share a birthday with:


Time for me to Spin Dash outta here!