Hey everyone! Trinity here! As the title implies, I had field day yesterday(I’m typing this after midnight to try and fall back asleep)! If you don’t know what Field Day is, it’s when your school takes you and your classmates along with many others to another school’s outdoor location and you just hang out and have fun for the whole day. So, without further delay, here’s the story!

It starts of with me getting to school just in time to get my Field Day shirt from my teacher and run to change real quick to change into it, however, we got to also wear any shorts or capris we wanted so long as they were at least knee length(though a couple of friends of mine in the eighth grade, I’m in seventh, got away with bending those rules for some God-awful reason). So I come back we leave and we walk to said different school, while me and two other classmates had our sleeves on the school t-shirts rolled up because it was hot. We finally get to the school and I follow some of my eighth grade friends, with the exception of two other friends in my class, two the shady side of the building and sit on one of my friends’ picnic blankets and we chill out there for a good two hours or so. All of a sudden I get word from some student running by telling her friends to watch the volleyball game (there was kickball, baseball, basketball and volleyball at the school) so I went to watch. It was my class vs. another seventh grade class and I was playing cheerleader and encouraging my class.

My friend then calls out to me,”How come you’re not playing?”, and I simply reply that I don’t like jumping into play mid-game. So the game went on, we lost to the other class, and I went back over to my friends to chill and hang out again. At about 12:00 or so everyone’s called over to the lunch area to gets some food. The line was a little long but me and my guy friends took the liberty of making the most of it. Cracking jokes, play fighting, laughing, when all of a sudden, I remembered that it was my friends birthday.

So we all started trying to go for him until he tried to get tough by saying he’ll hit back, it worked on the guys but me? Not so much. So I walk up to him saying “Oh yeah? What, are you going to hit a girl?” and ended up giving him his required number of birthday punches, and one for good luck.First to do so might I had. After eating I just followed the same pattern: Chill, hang out, wander around.

Eventually we’re all called to leave and start walking home. Everyone’s exhausted, hot, people pouring water over their heads left and right, people leaning on each other, etc. Eventually we stop, rest, and press on. When we were a few blocks away from my school, I was beside my friend, exhausted and sweaty, yelling out “Where’s the freakin’ Kool-Aid man when you need him?”. Eventually we got back, stayed in the auditorium where we sat there in the air conditioning, and left.

Luckily my best friend, Julissa, was kind enough to honor my request for a ride home, with the confirmation of her parents. And I come home, feet aching, sweaty, exhausted, only to eventually get up and look in the mirror realizing that my limbs and face had sunburn. Luckily the only thing I care about is my shoulders, which remained unburned, thank God. So that was my day, how was yours?

Time for me to Spin Dash outta here!