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Hey guys! I’m not going to delay it this time. Here’s Part 2!:

BRS 25

This is Mato Kuroi (黒衣マト Kuroi Mato), the “other self” of Black Rock Shooter (ブラック☆ロックシューター, Burakku Rokku Shūtā)”.  She seems to be pretty optimistic and cheerful. As described by Yuu (Strength), she is only afraid of worry itself. Her desire to help others, also according to Yuu, is what created Black Rock Shooter in the first place. Personally, she reminds of me of well…me! This next character……not so much. But takes the cake as the fictional embodiment of my dark side if anything xD:

BRS blog 3

Meet Yomi Takanashi (小鳥遊 ヨミ Takanashi Yomi), the highly insecure “other self” of Dead Master (デッドマスター Deddo Masutā). Yomi starts out as a girl with a possessive friend who eventually gets that friend on track and slowly regrets it. By “regrets it”, I mean goes insane by using her own hair and anything she cuts up to make bracelets, sitting in her cut up room and crying while wrapped in a blanket. That kind of regret. But poor Yomi eventually is “set free” and goes on with her life. The image you see above is Yomi’s most current appearance. Her original appearance has cute neon green glasses. Speaking of cute!:

BRS blog 4

This cute, but crazy, blonde girl’s name is Kagari Izuriha (出灰カガリ Izuriha Kagari). But she wasn’t always as sweet as she is now! Before her “other self”, Chariot (チャリオット Chariotto) was beheaded, she was a possessive, pitiful, demanding little brat. Kagari was disabled due to childhood trauma of being hit by a car after chasing Yomi’s car when she moved. The doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her and deemed her disable. And I don’t know why, but something tells me that her original crazy self is what makes her speak in third person. Anyway, poor Kagari eventually let her possessiveness of Yomi consume her and resorted throwing herself down Yomi’s stairs, spraining her wrist and claiming that she can’t do anything and that Yomi will have to do everything for her. After a shit-ton of hysteria in the hospital, Chariot was eventually killed by BRS and upon Mato’s entrance into Kagari’s hospital room, Kagari smiled and conked out on her bed. Isn’t that just precious? Anyway, moving on!:

BRS blog 5

This messy haired mistress is Yuu Koutari (神足ユウ Koutari Yuu). She is the “other self” of Strength (ストレングス Sutorengusu) and believe it or not, Yuu just so happens to be her “other self” in the first several episodes of the series. She later returns after Strength is destroyed as her true self and starts her life anew with Mato, Yomi and Kagari. Next!:

BRS blog 6

Meet Saya Irino (納野サヤ Irino Saya),  or at least the older version in comparison to her “other self”, Black★Gold Saw (ブラック★ゴールドソー, Burakku Gorudo So). Ms. Saya is a guidance counselor at Mato’s middle school and at one point, held herself responsible for awakening an epic battle between BRS and Dead Master by stressing Yomi out (telling her that Kagari doesn’t need her which doesn’t help due to Yomi having somewhat of a possessiveness over Kagari). She unfortunately doesn’t appear in the OVA of the series. Oh well! At least she was cool while she lasted xD.

Well, that’s it guys!

Check out Part 1 for a link to the first episode of the anime!

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Hey everyone! Trinity here! Or as they say in Japan, “Ohayo! Boku wa Toriniti Za Hejjiuhoggu!”. And as the title probably implies, I will be doing a review about a new, epic, but sadly short, anime called “BlackRock Shooter“.

Let’s start with the characters:

BRS blog

This is the mighty Black Rock Shooter (ブラック☆ロックシューター, Burakku Rokku Shūtā)”.  (feel free to keep count of how many times I say her name xD). Black Rock Shooter is the “other self” of a young high school student named Mato Kuroi (黒衣マト Kuroi Mato) and is one of the main characters of this anime.

BRS is probably one of the most badass characters I’ve ever seen. BRS is a very “strong, silent type” character who basically, like the other known four of her kind, just likes to wreck shit. I’m talking “I came. I saw. I conquered” level here. Not to mention her hair gets spikier and spikier with every episode, giving her that “I’ve been through a lot” type of look. But all in all, despite her black rock-hard (see what I did there?) exterior, she always reaches out for the helpless in the end. Another thing I’ve noticed is that she seems to have a love-hate friendship with the next character:

BRS blog 2

Meet Dead Master (デッドマスター Deddo Masutā). This neon green nemean lion has it in for BRS. With a scythe in her hand and two floating skulls at her side you know she’s looking for trouble. As far as I’ve seen, she seems to be pretty stationary outside of combat (unlike BRS who never stays still) and only picks a fight when she needs to. Dead Master is the “other self” of Yomi Takanashi (小鳥遊 ヨミ Takanashi Yomi) and, dare I say, slightly better looking in my opinion. It’s probably my love for creepy and ghostly looking things, but Dead Master is overall one of my favorite characters in the anime. Unfortunately, she was (in my understanding) held captive by this next little tyrant:

BRS 18

This evil blondie’s name is Chariot (チャリオット Chariotto). She lives up to the phrase “Meals on wheels”. How? She’s got wheels for legs and fires giant macrons out of a giant mechanical spider. Can’t get more literal than that xD. I don’t know much about Chariot as she’s not in the series for long, but is in fact the “other self” of Kagari Izuriha (出灰カガリ Izuriha Kagari) and is the first character you see BRS actually fight in the series. She also is the only “other self” who doesn’t live to see this next character:

BRS 16

Rum! Rum! Rum! Is that a saw I hear? That’s right! This red rose is Black★Gold Saw (ブラック★ゴールドソー, Burakku Gorudo So), the “other self” of Saya Irino (納野サヤ Irino Saya), a school consular at Mato and Yomi’s middle school. I guess you could call her a watchful eye for BRS, literally. Until Insane Black Rock Shooter fights her, her eye pops up in the sky of her world in random scenes. Not to mention she can spawn an army of anything at will, making her a force to be reckoned with! Much like this silent, but deadly, character:

BRS 22

This rock hard character’s name is Strength (ストレングス Sutorengusu). Strength is the other self of Yuu Koutari (神足ユウ Koutari Yuu). In her first appearance, she seems just like all the “other selves”. But her back story reveals that Strength and Yuu switched bodies because compared to Yuu’s life, she felt that Strength’s life (roaming her world fighting to kill on pure instinct) was much easier than her own (broken, slummy home, ignorant parents, no friends, eventually her house burned down and she was the only one who survived). Strength had agreed to be Yuu, and was Yuu to the bitter end…literally.

Also, is it just me? Or does every “other self” either have skeleton hands or bionic arms? It just seem odd but cool to me.

Oh well. Anyway that’s all for now guys!

Here’s a link to the first episode of the anime if you want to check it out!

Time for me to Spin Dash outta here!