Hey everyone! Trinity here. So this post might be a little short, but unfortunately I’m sick today. It’s a stomach bug that’s been going around lately where I live and now I’m a lucky carrier! Yay -.-. But that’s only one of the bad news (other than the fact that I have to take a bucket with me everwhere because I puked a total of at least 5 or 6 times last night, 5 or 6 being this morning just now), I have to drink Gatorade because my mom says it’s the only thing that’ll sit in my stomach and I need the fluids. That’s bad for me because I never even tried Gatorade in my whole life and I never want to. Lucky for me, though, every stomach bug goes away in about 24 hours, and right now I’ve got about 16 hours and 21 minutes to go (just did the math now).

I’ll keep you guys posted, especially you, Daddy, being that this is the second stomach bug I’ve ever had. The first time was when I was seven years old and I couldn’t go to school just like I can’t today. But like I said, it’s going around so it’s nobody’s fault. It’s not the kid that I got it from’s fault either (by the way, I hope he feels better). The only thing that really sucks is the fact that every time I vomit, which comes in little amounts compared to the first…er..fit, I suppose, the reflex will over react and it’s a horrible thing to have. My condulences if you share that curse.

Well, I think it’s high time I Spin Dash outta here!